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Manufacture face masks in USA

Just FYI, America Ship's sibling project - America Care is developing. Endorsed by the City of Brownsville, Texas and the Small Business Agency , America Care has established a full automatic production line to manufacture Face Masks to support the fight against the pandemic. America Care manufactures a variety of products: disposable masks (non-medical and medical), procedure masks, surgical mask (ASTM 1, 2 and 3), and N95. The products are proudly to be Made in USA, with high confidence in its quality control, stable supply chain, and competitive pricing. We will match and beat any prices you can get from the market. To order small quantity, you may directly order on our Shop website https: //Shop.America-Ship.com To order large quantity, please contact us from https://www.America-Care.com (We guarantee two things: promised quality, and lowest prices) Thank you! Sincerely, America Care https://www.America-Care.com https://Shop.America-Ship.com +1 (956) 588 2148

2450 Courage St, STE 108, Brownsville, TX 78521  |  ship2mx@gmail.com |  +1 (956) 588 -2148