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America Ship launched Customer Portal

The America Ship customer portal has been built to better manage your shipments. In the portal, you can edit your address book, review the packages we received for you, submit shipment requests when you are ready to ship, and track the status of your shipments.

All customers must sign up to create a new account, even you have registered on our web before.

1. Sign up

Go to our web America-ship.com, click “sign up” on the top right corner.

You will see the signup form as follows. Input your name and email (the email must be your account email with America Ship), then submit. You will receive a confirmation email to set password.

2. Log in

After password is set, you can feel free to log in using your email and password. Go to web America-ship.com, and click “My Account” on the top right corner. Or, you may open the link directly http://login.america-ship.com

3. Dashboard

After login, you will see your account status. If the account status is “Incomplete”, it means you are new to the system and you need to complete the registration by following “register”. Existing customers will see account status “Active”.

4. Registration Form

For new customers, you need to fill the form as much as you can. Fields with “*” are required. We receive your registration and will review it. Once your account is approved, you will see your account status “Active”.

5. Address Book

You are highly recommended to add frequently used addresses to your address book. You can add or edit.

6. Submit shipment request

You can submit shipment request once you are ready to ship. You need to pick the inbound packages, and declare the items of the merchandise. Invoice file(s) to support customer declaration needs to be uploaded.

7. My Shipment

You can review the status of your shipment requests.

8. My Inventory

You can also review your inventory.

9. Sign out

To Log out, click the top right corner “Sign out”.

Any questions? Just Contact us!

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