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Mexico DHL FBA label

Create an FBA shipment on Amazon Mexico. Using the following address as "ship from":  


Name: Your name 

Company: Your company 

Street: Vicente Guerrero No 83 

Street Ln2:  #AS-YourASnumber  

City: Zona Centro, Matamoros

State: Tamaulipas 

Country: MEXICO 

Zip code: 87300 


Choose DHL as the carrier. You will pay a small amount fee for shipping (Thus, we will discount your shipping cost). Create the FBA label together with the DHL label. Apply the right side of the Amazon FBA label outside the carton.  Leave the left side with the DHL label inside the carton.

Invoice template

Just an example, there is no specific format for an invoice, as long as it has product description, quantity, and price. Particularly, when you don't have the original receipt or invoice from vendors or sellers, you may use this one.

Invoice example from Amazon

If your order is from Amazon, you can obtain the invoice from Amazon.


How to copy invoice from Amazon

(Similar with other websites such eBay, Walmart, Target)


To view a printable version of any invoice from Amazon:

  1. Log in your to Amazon account.

  2. Find the order you placed. For the order, you can find the order details. On the top right, there is a button “View or Print Invoice”.

  3. Click it, a new window pops up. Copy and paste it into a word file.

Tutorial Videos

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Find more videos from America Ship channel at YouTube:

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