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What We Provide

 Warehousing and Fulfillment 

You manage your inventory. When you are ready to ship, you can  log in and submit a shipment request, input the destination address, declare the items and values, and upload a copy of the invoice (if any). An estimated cost will be calculated automatically. We will review your request and send you a notice to complete the payment. After your payment is done, your shipment will be on its way with a tracking number.  We ship to Mexico, China and the rest of the world.

Free mailing address in the USA

America Ship provides you a free mailing address in the USA, Mexico, and China (ShenZhen). You can use it to receive online orders, mail, packages, and freight. We will receive it and notify you automatically. You can manage your inventory and submit shipment request in the Customer Portal.

Shipping to/from Mexico, USA, China

We consolidate your packages/freight and ship them to any country you need. Consolidating will save you a huge amount of cost. We partner with main carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, SF Express, Estafeta, and Estrella Blanca to provide you the best rates.

Particularly, our rates to Mexico, China, and the USA are deeply discounted.  Calculate the cost before you ship.


Amazon FBA Shipping

  • Shipment to Amazon FBA Mexico and USA

  • Shipping from the USA to Mexico,  Shipping to the USA from Mexico

  • Shipping from the USA to China,  Shipping to the USA from China

  • Shipping from the USA to the world and vice versa

  • Mail, parcels or freight,  lowest rates with America Ship

Whatever the shipping logistics, we’ve made it easier for you. Contact us now.

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