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Fulfillment and warehousing

Send your inventory to America Ship's warehouse in Brownsville, TX and we fulfill your orders national-wide and worldwide. You can provide your own shipping labels or Bill of Lading (BOL). We can also arrange shipping for you if needed. We have our owner carriers to Mexico and Central Mexico. We have a deeply discounted partnership with other carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and freight lines. Packages or freight, lowest rate!

Our machine learning backed management system optimizes the entire process of logistics.  Manage inventory easier, ship orders faster and, save cost more. 

Fulfillment service is available for Platinum members only. The Platinum membership is $19.99 per month.

The fee structure is as follows:

1) Per order:  $2.00

2) Per item: $0.25

3) Apply barcode (such as the Amazon barcode): $0.25 each.

4) Prep service upon request: $0.25 per bag

5) Storage: free up to 30 days, after that, $0.5 per cubic feet per month.

6) Shipping cost: we usually use 2-day domestic shipping for the USA. The cost is $8.88 for the first pound, then $1 every extra pound.

To get started, simply sign up.

For questions regarding cost, just contact us.

America Ship's fulfillment warehouse, inside
Fulfillment warehouse, America Ship,Shipping to Mexico
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