Know your cost before you ship

The cost calculator following is for packages or pallets only. For Full Truck Load (FTL), please submit  request for a freight quote.

The cost consists of three parts:

  1. shipping cost:  $8.88 for the first 1kg, $2 for each extra 1kg.  Flat rate to entire Mexico.  3-5 business days Economy Shipping. 

  2. custom tax and duty:  16% of your merchandise's value.  A receipt showing the value will be sufficient for custom clearance. (*See exceptions below).

  3. handling fee:   $5 every inbound package.


If you have multiple packages to combine together, we do not charge consolidation fee. But we still charge $5 per package we receive. 



*Note Exceptions: The custom clearance is a complex procedure. We can not guarantee the 16% for all merchandise. The known exceptions are:

  1. Liquid stuff

  2. Vitamins, supplements

  3. Shipments to Amazon Mexico FBA

                       (This list can be updated without notice)

If your packages meet any condition in the list above, the custom duty&tax will be assessed at $2.5 per pound (billable weight) , or 16% of the value,  whichever higher. The minimum charge per package is $20.00.


Note:  the billable weight is the greater one of actual weight or dimensional weight.


Dimensional weight (kg)= Length  x  Width x Height (cm) / 5000, or

Dimensional weight (lbs)= Length  x  Width x Height (inch) / 139  

For example, suppose you have a box with length 45cm,  width 30cm,  height  25cm, and its actual weight is 4.5kg.  The dimensional weight will be 45 x 30 x 25/5000= 6.75kg.  Since 6.75kg > 4.5kg, the billable weight will be 6.75kg.

Upgrade membership to save more

To be eligible for a RFC ID or a Mexico address, you must update to Gold or Platinum membership. You may log in and click "Membership" to request update.

  • Gold membership  ($9.99/month): We normally charge $5/package handling fee for each package we receive. With the gold membership, we take $5/package off, which means you can send unlimited number of packages without handling fees. Big saving for frequent and FBA customers.

  • Platinum membership ($19.99/month): all the benefits of the gold membership, plus extra 5%  off  the total cost of shipment.

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