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Auto Export to Mexico

Interested in buying a car or motorcycle in the USA and importing it to Mexico? You found the right place here.

There is a bunch of paperwork to do to import/export autos. The process is complex, just like any other import/export. It is tedious and you don't want to do it by yourself. But don't worry, we will make it easy for you. Let America Ship take care of the hassles. You simply provide the documents as follows:

1) Auto title (A copy is sufficient for a quote,  the original title is needed when you import).

2) Pickup location in the USA, and destination in Mexico.

That is all for a quote. But even before you bother to quote, let us tell you some basic ideas on how much it may cost so that you can help you evaluate whether it is worth it.

1) Export/import paperwork for car:  around $2000-$3000; for motorcycle,  around $1000 - $2000.

2) Broker/handling Fees:  $500.

3) Transportation cost: from pickup location in the USA to Brownsville, Texas, around $600 for a regular car or $500 for a motorcycle. From Brownsville to your destination in Mexico,  is a similar cost.  Of course, you can come to Brownsville to pick it up and drive home.

When you decide to do it, we will ask you to provide the following documents:

1) Original title

2) copies of IDs of the buyer in Mexico: ID (IFE), Passport, USA Visa (if any)

3) Bill of sale. Both, the seller and the buyer need to sign it.

4) We will let you sign the Power of Attorney (just a form you need to sign, authorizing the broker to do all the paperwork on behalf of you).

For your information, some extra tips:

1) Japan brand (car or motorcycle) will be extremely costly. 

2) Cars of Years 2009 -2010 (as of Nov 2017) will cost less and before 2009 will cost a little bit more. 2011 and beyond can NOT import to Mexico.

3) Motorcycles have no restrictions in years.

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